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We currently have the following vacancies:


Head of Year (Non Teaching)

Senior Science Technician


I’m so pleased you’ve chosen to click through to the recruitment area of our website. It’s always a privilege to introduce our school to those visiting the website, and particularly to you if you are a potential colleague. If you know anything about Bishop Stopford School already, the information here should help you to get to know us a little better; if not, I trust the information does pique your curiosity to find out more.


I’m sure you will have some fundamental questions you’d like answered before you make the significant commitment to apply for a post with us. While the information continued here will help with that, we are always delighted to meet you either virtually or in person before you invest in making an application.

So why consider us as your next career move? If you were to ask me to sum up our school, I’d revert to cliché and say it’s all about relationships. The staff team is – quite simply – amazing. I’ve been privileged to be Headteacher now for three years, and it is genuinely humbling to lead such skilled, committed and highly professional people who have one goal: to do the best for every young person entrusted to our care. Colleagues who join us can’t praise highly enough the support they receive, and always emphasise the highly productive relationships which underpin everything at our school.

Our students are an absolute credit to us. We aim to keep things simple here: and we relentlessly strive for the highest standards as spelt out in Our Intent. So families are keen for their children to be educated here, and we are always oversubscribed. Why is that? Well, students and parents tell us that the whole Bishop Stopford School experience is what they want: values driven, ambitious education which nurtures and challenges each young person as an individual.

You may be aware that we are a Church of England academy, and want to know a little more about what that means, Well, we certainly don’t ask for christening certificates when we recruit! Our Anglican heritage, however, is cherished and everyone who works here does so in line with our Core Values: Faith, Justice, Truth, Responsibility, Compassion. Perhaps I can let our inspection report speak on our behalf in this respect. Giving a judgment of Outstanding, the inspector recorded that we have ‘five deeply embedded, long-established Christian values, which are relevant to everyone, creating an ethos in which harmonious and respectful relationships enable everyone to flourish’.

If you were to ask me who I’m looking for in recruiting to any post at our school, it would be colleagues who are values-driven, and entirely committed to delivering a first class educational experience for our young people in the 2020s. So whether you are considering a teaching or leadership post, or joining our highly productive associate staff team, do explore the opportunity to the fullest. I look forward to meeting you to help as you make this important decision.

Jill Silverthorne, HeadTeacher