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As we say in Our Intent, we want all of our students to be "creative, self-regulating and resilient, and to be able to engage confidently with the wider world". For these reasons, trips and visits are an essential component of our Personal Development curriculum. Student feedback tells us that these activities are highlights in their school experience – and our alumni constantly refer to these experiences as part of ‘The Bishop magic’.



Year 7

All Year 7 students are invited to attend a five-day residential in South Wales. The objective is to enable students to settle quickly into secondary school, to form strong relationships and to develop resilience and character. They experience a variety of activities such as caving, rock-climbing, hillwalking and orienteering. 

"We learnt more about each other. It was exciting!"

Year 7 Student


All Year 8 students are invited to attend a seven-day camping residential in the Isles of Scilly. This builds on the Year 7 experience, but increases the emphasis on interdependence and independence through challenges in a unique context.  Student take turns catering for the whole camp, for example, on this trip.

"I loved the camping and the great outdoors." 

Year 8 Student


Students have the opportunity to visit either France or Spain, developing their confidence in communication and building on their independent skills through visiting a European country.

YEAR 10-13

In Years 10 to 13, there are opportunities for students to take part in a wide range of visits which relate to subjects they are studying – both in the UK and internationally. For example, there are field trips in Biology, Geography and Geology, History and Politics residentials to Washington and New York, music trips, computing events, international sports tours, theatre visits and examination preparation conferences.

And throughout the year, of course, there are events in school which complement the taught curriculum and enable students to strengthen their talents, their literacy and to plan for their futures. These include enterprise activities, an arts week, Readathons and Book Week.

All of the trips and visits we organise develop students’ cultural capital, enabling them to make connections between their learning and wider life, to understand their place in the wider world and to encourage them to reach for the highest achievements.