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The internet is an incredible tool which has led to seismic shifts in the way we live and work and it has been invaluable during the pandemic in allowing high quality learning to continue.  However, a critical aspect of its successful use is ensuring our students know how to stay safe online.  This learning is delivered through our PSHE and IT curriculums and through special events like Online Safety Day.  E-safety and security is built into the safeguarding culture of the school; all students and staff sign an ‘Acceptable Use Policy’ which governs their use of the school IT systems and we focus on the 4Cs of content, contact, conduct and commerce to support students in being discerning about what they are engaging with online.    

Advice to Parents

We actively encourage families to talk together about online safety and for parents to monitor screen and online time at home.  Devices for home use will have parental controls which serve to restrict access to age-inappropriate material.

We recognise that it is not always easy to talk to your child(ren) about cyber bullying, sexting, pornography or risk-taking behaviour online. However, an open dialogue is likely to encourage them to share any concerns they may have.  To support this, the school works closely with Souster Youtha charitable organisation which works with us to support you in confronting these challenging issues.

If your child(ren) has been targeted online, or you are concerned about the content they are accessing, the website Internet Matters provides guidance about how to report the incident.

For further information or guidance, you may find the following websites useful:


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