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“I enjoy the challenge that Maths gives you and the thrill that you get when you solve a problem." (Student from Year 9)

“This year at Bishop Stopford my Maths skills have improved immensely. A year ago I never would have dreamed that I would be where I am in Maths now. The teaching is incredible and really well planned. They make the lessons enjoyable – so much easier to remember.” (Student from Year 7)


Mathematics is “essential to everyday life, critical to science, technology and engineering, and necessary for financial literacy and most forms of employment” (National Curriculum).

Our Maths team has high ambitions for all students, in line with our School's Intent. Our curriculum:

  • Is knowledge-driven and unapologetically academic;
  • Secures students' basic skills and provides the foundation for future success;
  • Develops numerate students who are creative, self-regulating and resilient.

We also recognise the importance of students appreciating the sheer beauty of our subject.

The aims we have for our students are fully aligned with the aims of the National Curriculum:

  • Become fluent in the fundamentals of Mathematics;
  • Reason mathematically e.g. giving reasons, explaining answers, developing a “proof”;
  • Solve problems by breaking down a question and applying their mathematical knowledge.
Key Stage 3

Students' learning builds on Key Stage 2 foundations. There is a high challenge start to Year 7 focussing on algebra. Students are taught in sets and learn at a challenging pace appropriate to their progress levels. 

By Year 9, our ambition is for all students to be highly numerate, adept at problem solving and have a confident grasp of threshold concepts such as manipulating algebraic expressions, solving equations and using angle and area facts.

Key Stage 4

Students study for either Foundation or Higher Tier GCSE Maths – both of which are assessed by examinations at the end of the courses. They will sit one non-calculator paper and two calculator examination papers. All students enter Edexcel Linear (1MA1), either at Foundation Tier or Higher Tier. 

Key Stage 5

Mathematics is a highly popular A-Level option, with student numbers usually in excess of 70. Students follow the Edexcel 9MA0 syllabus, covering Pure Maths, Statistics and Mechanics. Further Mathematics (Edexcel 9FM0) is also available. 

We offer Maths Help during lunch hours to support students across all key stages in their learning, and use a variety of online platforms to complement in-class learning.

  • Some students in Years 7 to 10 have the opportunity to participate in Junior and Intermediate Maths Challenges, with some from Years 8 and 9 entering Team Challenges.
  • Year 12 students have the opportunity to attend a Christmas Maths lecture and there is a Senior Maths Challenge for our A Level students.
  • We hold Year 11 Problem-Solving sessions for Higher Tier students.

Head of Faculty - Mr R King