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Building resilience and developing character in line with our Core Values are two significant elements of our intent. We believe if students build resilient habits of mind from Year 7 and experience the benefits of teamwork, this will pay dividends as they move through school.

Our GRIT lessons for one hour a fortnight in Year 7 enable us to achieve this part of our intent. Lessons are active and students are encouraged to solve problems, face up to challenges and support each other in doing so. The programme is complemented by our Year 7 residential trip to Govilon (South Wales), where the knowledge, skills and attitudes are put to the test in unfamiliar surroundings and activities.

Topics covered include:

  • Term 1: Teamwork, Identity and Emotional Literacy
  • Term 2: Emotional Literacy, When Things Go Wrong and Building Resilience
  • Term 3: Why Core Values matter: Faith, Justice, Truth, Responsibility and Compassion

By the end of Year 7 students will be more resilient and have skills to be able to bounce back in the face of new challenges as they enter Year 8.