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The English Faculty is committed to providing students with a range of learning experiences that equip them to become experts at using and interpreting our language in both spoken and written forms. Appropriate, high quality literature provides the stimulus for our work, and our aim is for all students to become critical, independent readers and sophisticated writers and speakers. 

Key Stage Three

Students follow a bespoke course designed to inspire their study of English and its forms. Students are encouraged to develop knowledge, skills and critical thinking - an approach we call our "Know, Try, Wonder" curriculum. This curriculum enables students to develop the knowledge of English, of great writers and important texts and periods of literary history. It enables students to develop the analytical and creative skills required to take ownership of the English Language and it encourages students to think deeply and critically about the moral, spiritual and ethical questions the texts force us to ask.Units of work include core tasks which test the knowledge and skills learned over the year.

Key Stage Four

Students follow the AQA Specification in both English Language (8700) and English Literature (8702). For full specifications and course content please visit the AQA GCSE Website

Key Stage Five

At ‘A’ Level, students have the choice between two courses:

  • English Literature AQA Specification A (7712)
  • 2 x written examinations and one non-examined assessment (coursework) form the content of the A-level syllabus


English Language and Literature Edexcel Specification (ELO)

  • 2 x written examinations and one non-examined assessment (coursework) form the content of the A-level syllabus.

Enrichment Opportunities

Numerous enrichment opportunities exist for students to develop their appreciation of, and insight into, many different aspects of English Language and Literature. Experiences for students are continually reviewed and selected to enhance learning and at Key Stages Three, Four and Five. Enrichment experiences include:

  • Theatre visits
  • Writing Competitions
  • Reading reviews and book clubs (in conjunction with the school library)
  • Contributions to Bishop's World of Writing (professional magazine)
  • Debate club
  • Author visits

Teaching Staff

  • Head of Faculty: Mr Simon Smith
  • Mr P Wareham - Second in Faculty
  • Mrs J Pointer - Key Stage Five Leader
  • Mrs A Farrell - Curriculum Assistant
  • Mrs J Bates
  • Miss F Conway
  • Mrs N Fletton
  • Mrs S Lane
  • Mrs B McGregor
  • Mr P Redford
  • Miss P Shran
  • Mrs C Smith
  • Miss C Thurlby