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“I like performing and enjoy working with different people in the group. When we show our work it is really exciting. I have begun to use more theatrical words when talking about the work we do and feel more confident about acting in front of my friends.” Year 7 student

Drama is taught throughout the school and is a popular subject that focuses on students developing their social and dramatic skills. Through drama structures, students gain confidence by expressing their ideas and working with others in a positive environment. Drama is perceived as a developmental subject at Bishop Stopford and is also used as a method of enhancing other areas of the curriculum. The skills we seek to enhance are not just acting/directing/lighting or sound based but has regard to the students whole being; increasing confidence and positive team working are central to our aims.

Key Stage 3

Students are taught in blocks by a trained Drama teacher. Initially the focus is on encouraging students to trust each other and learn to work productively towards a deadline. They respond to a number of genres through the creative process including music, poetry and even mythology!

Key Stage 4

Students work from the published syllabus from Edexcel

Qualifications : GCSE : Drama : Edexcel

  • 40% Coursework devising
  • 20% Performance from text practical
  • 40% Theatre Makers in practice written examination

Enrichment Opportunities

  • A Drama club runs once per week after school.
  • Students who have produced a particularly strong piece of work in lessons are encouraged to show it to an invited audience at lunchtime during an “Open Studio” presentation.
  • Students in Key Stage 4 regularly visit the theatre to further inform their experience of drama and theatre

Department Members

  • Mrs Emma Fraser – Head of Drama
  • Mrs Julia Bamford – Teacher of Drama and Theatre Studies