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The Chaplaincy at Bishop Stopford is integral to school life, and has an important role to play in helping to ensure that the Christian ethos of the school is apparent in all we do. In addition to this the Chaplaincy Team facilitates worship throughout the school, offers pastoral care, and works with students and staff to help them discover who they are called to be.

The Chapel of St Matthew is intended to be a welcoming and safe space for students and staff to come and spend time to reflect, pray, socialise or just be. Just as Jesus welcomed all, all are welcome in the Chapel, regardless of their faith.

Several events take place in the Chapel during the week, including Tea and Toast, art events in which students explore ways of worshipping God through art, and the Christian Union. The Chaplaincy Team are always happy to meet with students or staff to talk, listen and pray with them.

For any queries about the work of the Chaplaincy please contact Sally Toward, Lay Chaplain.