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Business is front-page news. How companies operate is under greater scrutiny than ever before, consumers demand convenience but production and packaging are damaging our environment with devastating consequences. The new specification enables you to engage with, explore and understand business behaviour and develop a critical understanding of leadership and global enterprise.


If you have an interest in business or finance, this is an obvious choice for you. The range of skills the course develops means it is an excellent course for everyone to consider:

AO1 - Demonstrate knowledge of terms, concepts, theories, methods and models to show an understanding of how individuals and organisations are affected by and respond to business issues.

AO2 - Apply knowledge and understanding to various business contexts to show how individuals and organisations are affected by and respond to issues.

AO3 - Analyse issues within business, showing an understanding of the impact on individuals and organistations of external and internal influences.

AO4 - Evaluate qualitative and quantitative evidence to make informed judgements and propose evidence-based solutions to business issues 

You will need to be comfortable with maths and analytical essay writing.

The A Level Course includes the following subject content:

Theme 1: Marketing and People

  • Meeting customer needs
  • The market
  • Marketing mix and strategy
  • Managing people
  • Entrepreneurs and leaders

Theme 2: Managing Business Activities

  • Raising finance
  • Financial planning
  • Managing finance
  • Resource management
  • External influences

Theme 3: Business Decisions and Strategy

  • Business objectives and strategy
  • Business growth
  • Decision-making techniques
  • Influences on business decisions
  • Assessing competitiveness
  • Managing change

Theme 4: Global Business

  • Globalization
  • Global markets and business expansion
  • Global marketing
  • Global industries and companies (multinational corporations)

'A Level' Examinations

Three written papers. Each paper is 2 hours in length.

Paper 1: Data response and extended writing (35%) - Marketing, People & Businesses

Paper 2: Data response and extended writing (35%) - Business Activities, Decisions and Strategy

Paper 3: Data response and extended writing, related to pre-release material (30%) - Investigating Business in a Competitive Environment


You are encouraged to attend revision conference days at key points in the course. These are usually held in London and are tailor made to the Edexcel course. In addition, guest speakers visit school to share their real life experiences in the world of business.

For further details, please contact Emma Lilley or Claire Campbell.

All current plans for sixth form programmes of study at Bishop Stopford School are provisional, dependent on student numbers and government policy.