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We are very proud of the behaviour of our students and their positive attitude to learning.  Our behaviour process supports students in regulating their actions and rewards celebrate the excellence demonstrated by our students every day.  Our rewards process celebrates their every day commitment to learning and reflects the belief that good character is not formed in a week but grown “little by little, day by day” (Heraclitus).

The Department for Education (DfE) regularly issues guidance to support schools for two reasons: 

  1.  To support schools to enable all students to learn safely and achieve positive outcomes; 
  1. To support the home-school partnership. 

The DfE has recently made some significant changes in advice around managing behaviour. It has advised schools to create ‘live’ documents for parents which show how behaviour is being managed.  These move beyond policies and are intended to show the processes used to respond to behaviour. These are by necessity updated more regularly than overarching policies, in line with DfE guidance, changes in the local context and school specific developments. 

We trust that these documents provide the practical information you need to understand the steps we take to continue to create a positive environment for learning.