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Welcoming the return of educational, overseas travel!

Our Year 9 trip to Cantabria in Spain took place recently.  We are delighted to share this article (the translation is at the bottom of the page!),  from Amelie Glue (9P) Tabitha Fray (9W) and Clara York (9Y):

‘La semana pasada fuimos a España (Cantabria). Viajamos en avión a las cinco por la mañana ¡qué raro!

Nos quedamos en un hotel que se llama Don Diego en Suances. Después del desayuno, fuimos a la playa donde jugamos en el mar y compramos muchos helados. El segundo día hicimos una vuelta por Santander.

Caminamos y vimos un castillo y aprendimos sobre la historia. El próximo día descubrimos un pueblo       pequeño antes de ir en teleférico en las montañas. Lo mejor fue cuando visitamos el Soplao y compramos muchos recuerdos para nuestros familias y amigos  en Inglaterra.

Lo bueno es que aprendimos muchos hechos sobre España y aprendimos el idioma. El paisaje era muy hermoso y lo pasamos bomba ¡qué magnífico!’

We also received the following comment from Lucja Cetera Pathirana Arachchilage (9D):

“Thank you for organising this trip it was such a fun experience. I am very grateful for this opportunity to    expand my Spanish language and culture. I hope you do these trips for many more years to come for other students. Keep up the amazing work you do for the students.”


Last week we went to Spain (Cantabria). We travelled by plane at 5 in the morning – how strange! We stayed in a hotel called Don Diego in Suances. After breakfast we went to the beach where we played in the sea and bought a lot of ice cream.

The second day we went on a trip around Santander. We walked and saw a castle and learned about history. The next day we discovered a small village before going on the cable car in the mountains.

The best bit was when we visited Soplao and bought a lot of souvenirs for our families and friends in England.

It was good that we learned a lot about Spain and learned the language. The countryside was very beautiful and we had a great time – it was magnificent!

Mrs Rogers