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International Day

Celebrating cultural diversity on International Day!

Last week, we celebrated our cultural diversity at Bishop Stopford School, and the creative talents of our students on International Day were put to the test! 

Year 8 students participated in multiple collaborative activities such as Global   Trading and delivering presentations in a modern foreign language.

Students enjoyed learning about the influence of international artists, drama, music, computer coding, food, textiles and Alessi’s product design.

Sixth form students also led fascinating sessions on fashion, myths and legends and an introduction to Yoruba led by our very own Mrs Akaji!

Eshaan Chana (8Y) gave her views on the day:

“For the International Day, we were split into random groups: India, Ukraine, Chile, Austria, Dubai (UAE).

In the morning we started a business project where we created a prototype of an item using materials such as bottles, cereal boxes, string and we would sell it. Every country had different budgets, for example     Dubai had a greater budget than India. We also had to sell/buy items using the country's language! 

I and my team were from Chile and we created a boat as Chile has many trade partners overseas. 

In the afternoon, everyone did different things such as cooking or product design or learning about different cultures around the world. I was learning about Japanese theatre, where we would learn gestures and use equipment such as Japanese fans and masks.

Overall, International Day was a great experience.  We learned about different cultures around the world!”

Mrs Rogers and Mrs Fletton