A Levels are Changing from September 2015 Please see the first document on the attachment list at the bottom of the page titled 'A Levels are Changing'. Choices: There are 28 A levels available for study in the Sixth Form. We offer five option blocks for A level subjects and most students will choose four subjects to study in their first year. Many subjects appear in more than one option block and most combinations of subjects will be possible. Where clashes do occur, students will be advised on alternative options.

Students are advised to guard against choosing subjects for the wrong reasons. For example:

  • Because their friend(s) are doing it.
  • Because it sounds easy or ‘cool’
  • Because they currently feel ‘safe’ in the subject.
  • Because it is a different or ‘new’ subject.

Students are therefore encouraged to:

  • Seek information from a variety of sources (sixth form prospectus, careers advisor/university literature, teachers and tutors).
  • Gain advice from a variety of sources (family, friends, careers advisor, employers, teachers and tutors).
  • Take time at what is a significant moment for determining life-chances.



Most A level subjects are studied for nine hours per fortnight.  Subjects attracting small numbers will have fewer, or Year 12 and Year 13 classes may be combined. In addition, private study and homework are essential for success.

In addition to subject lessons, students will also undertake a fortnightly tutorial lesson focusing on successful study, wellbeing and progression.

Course Information

Please see below details on each of the A Level course content and entry requirements. Please note that there are some which are currently being updated with the new specification details.